Galatians:  7.20.14

Galatians 3:15-25 | 7.20.14

Galatians:  7.13.14

Galatians 3:1-14 | 7.13.14

Galatians: Confronting Church Cancer 7.6.14

Hypocrisy is a common cancer in churches. Paul warns about one deadly form of this disease.

Galatians: A “Kosher” Gospel? 6.29.14

Does the road to Jesus have to pass through Jewish rituals? Peter, Paul, James and John agreed and the answer impacts what Gospel would spread… even to Nebraska.

Galatians: Street Cred 6.22.14

Paul knew that if he was going to reach people for the gospel, it was going to take more than logic and theology.

Galations: A Different Gospel 6-15-14

First off, we’re sorry (we really mean that!).  We had some technical troubles on Sunday morning and didn’t get audio to go with the video.  If you are really good at lip reading, let us know and we’ll send you a link to the video,  otherwise, you can click below and get some sermon notes if you are interested.  Again, we are really sorry about this, and we should have all the kinks ironed out for next week.

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PDF of Sermon Notes- No Other Gospel

I Am Second {Am I Second?} 6-8-14

Followers of Jesus will find themselves unwilling to settle for being second. As we put Jesus first, he leads us to put others ahead of ourselves, just like he did.

I Am Second {Trusting God with My Today} 6-1-14

Trusting God comes through knowing Him and interacting with Him.

I Am Second {Saul's Conversion} 5-25-14

You can be sincere, but you can also be sincerely wrong.

The Story {The End of the Story: Revelation} | 5-18-14

Revelation is possibly the strangest part of the Bible. It artistically shows us God is in control, Jesus is worship worthy, and we are to live like it is true.

The Story {Ends of the Earth} | 5-11-14

Jesus’ 11 disciples were given the overwhelming task of sharing the message of Jesus with the whole world. Now Jesus’ followers carry on the same mission. How can this seemingly impossible mission be accomplished? The book of Acts and letters to the early churches tells us a lot about God’s plan.

The Story {The Church Grows} | 5-4-14

God’s obsession is seeking and saving the lost. When you read the book of Acts, the early church was built around this obsession. Is that obsession as real to the church today in Norfolk, Nebraska?

The Story {The Church is Born} | 4.27.14

The Church is all over the world and right in your backyard. How did it get here? What is it supposed to look like? This week we look at the beginnings of the Church and what that means for us today.

The Story {He is Risen} | 4.20.14

The deepest despair and the smallest of hope are a perfect recipe for greatest joy. Jesus is risen, and that makes all the difference in the world.

The Story {The Hour of Darkness} | 4.13.14

The Palm Sunday party doesn't last. Just a few days later Jesus faces the darkest hour in history. What good could come of it? More than anyone wants, but exactly what everyone needs.

The Story 4.6.14

Did Jesus have the authority to make the audacious claims and high demands we find in the Bible? Take a look at what he and those who knew him best said about Jesus. Then answer his question, Who do you say that I am?

The Story {Rescue - No Ordinary Man} | 3.30.14

When we listen to Jesus, we realize that Jesus is NO ORDINARY MAN.  He connected to his listener through using parables – stories of everyday people and everyday situations that share truth.   And at times, he shared truth that turned the thinking of our lives upside down.  When you hear him, you grasp that Jesus truly goes BEYOND ORDINARY to redefine EXTRAORDINARY.

The Story {Jesus: Scary Good} | 3.23.14

Jesus is better than Allen Iverson.

The Story {Incarnation: The Birth of Jesus} | 3.16.14

A Nativity in March? We look at Christmas through the lens of the incarnation, God becoming flesh. Jesus, the God-Man, the divine and the human all in one is worth a look.

God First Re-Visited | 3-9-14

At the core of every person, there is a desire to live a significant life. People act out this desire in many different ways. The question becomes, how do we live a life that is not just significant in our own eyes, but in God’s.

The Story {COMEBACK: Rebuilding the Walls} | 3.2.14

The Old Testament ends with three building projects.  Two projects are constructions projects (Temple and the Wall of Jerusalem).

The third is the most important building project.  The Israelites rebuild their relationship with God.

Discover the joy in rebuilding your relationship with God!

The Story {COMEBACK: The Return Home} | 2.16.14

The excitement of returning home to Jerusalem and rebuilding the Temple soon was lost as the Israelites put themselves first. But God graciously reinvigorated them to finish the Temple, put God first and by doing so, enabled them to experience life as God intended. We too can experience our best life as we put God first.

The Story {COMEBACK: Daniel in Exile} | 2.9.14

This world is not our home. So, how do we live on earth while preparing for heaven? In this message we look at the examples of four friends living in exile who were faithful in the face of fierce foes, and fire.

The Story {COMEBACK: The Kingdom's Fall} | 2.2.14

Because they rejected God and worshiped idols, the Israelites were without a
king or kingdom, temple or homeland, but they were not without hope. God did
not give up on them. God still had a purpose for them. And with God, there
is always hope.

The Story {COMEBACK: The Beginning of the End} | 1.26.14

When God’s people rejected God and broke their agreement with him, God took action. Out of love for the world, God purified his people. Only then could God use Israel to bring the Rescuer, Jesus Christ into the world.

The Story {COMEBACK: God's Messengers} | 1.19.14

If we were honest with ourselves, their is something in our lives that could probably be changed for the better.  But what happens when we are challenged to do something about it?  That depends a lot on who is doing the challenging and how they do it.

The Story {Kingdom: A Kingdom Torn in Two} | 1.12.14

There is a saying that "we reap what we sow".  The sad part is that most of the time it is true, and it not only effects us but also those around us.  As we continue The Story we will look at one such case.

The Story {Kingdom: The King Who Had It All} | 1.5.14

With the new year upon us, most of us are thinking about change, and we want it now.  However most change, whether good or bad, takes time.  The question is what happens when we don't notice those bad changes that creep into our lives.

... to the world | 12.29.13

If putting up Christmas decorations is a wonderful time of the year, taking them down seems to signal the end it.  But where does this leave our Christmas Joy and Peace?

Peace... to the world | 12.22.13

When Jesus came to earth, He brought more than salvation.  This week we look at the idea of peace, and what it looks like when we receive it and reflect it.

Joy... to the world | 12.15.13

When Jesus came to earth, He brought more than salvation.  This week we look at the idea of joy, and what it looks like when we receive it and reflect it.

The Story  {Kingdom:  Trials of a King} | 12.8.13

We all screw up at some point or another, and make a bad choice, its what we do after the choice has been made that defines who we are.

The Story  {Kingdom:  From Shepherd to King} | 12.1.13

There are a lot of sayings describing it, "Put your money where your mouth is", "Step up to the plate", "Go all in", "Take the plunge", "Lay it all on the line".  And for many of you, it might make your stomachs churn in fear, for others, you are on the edge of your seat in excitement.  We took a look at one of those moments in the Bible and what it means for us.

The Story  {Kingdom:  Standing Tall, Falling Hard} | 11.24.13

Have you ever seen a picture that somebody has graphically manipulated? If not just check the tabloids at the grocery store. They manipulated them usually to communicate a message that isn't true. What happens when our lives become distorted and the messages that we are sending become untrue? The consequences can be disastrous.

The Story  {Promiseland: The Faith of a Foreign Woman} | 11.17.13

Think that God can't use you because of your past, or that you're "just not the kind of person" that God wants or even accepts?  This story will show what just a little faith can do.

The Story  {Promiseland: A Few Good Men & Women} | 11.10.13

God has fulfilled His promise by bringing the Israelites into the promiseland, but soon the Israelites would forget and turn their back on God... and then again... and again.  How would God respond to this repeated betrayal?  The answer brought hope to all nations, and can still bring hope to you today.

note: On Sunday morning, we shared the story of a firstCHRISTIAN attender who has experienced God's deliverance.  To protect her privacy, we have chosen not to include her story online.  As a result, there will be 8 minutes of silence starting at the 27 minute mark.  The message video/audio resumes at 34:38.  Thanks for your understanding.

The Story  {Promiseland: Commands & Courage} | 11.3.13

God has shown the Israelites the land that He had destined them for, but it was going to be easy.  Evil was pervasive in the land and would surround them on all sides.  God made it clear to Israel how he wanted them to resist evil in their day.  The question is we have is how do we resist it today?

The Story  {Promiseland: Wandering} | 10.27.13

What happens when times get tough, and instead of moving forward it seems like we're not really going anywhere at all?  The Israelites experienced just that as they wandered in the desert.   The question is how did they handle it, and what can we learn from the Isaelites about how we should handle it today?

The Story  {Promiseland: Re-forming Relationships} | 10.20.13

If you've ever tried to reform a relationship after a betrayal, you know that it usually comes with some new ground rules.  Well after humanity betrayed God in the garden of Eden, God still desired relationship, but there needed to be some new ground rules, both for how we treat God, and how we treat each other.

The Story  {Beginnings: Deliverance} | 10.13.13

At one time the Israelites were enjoying a great life in Egypt, but now things were going from bad to worse.  Would God save His people, and if so how?  It's probably not how they would have guessed.

The Story  {Beginnings: Joseph from Slave to Deputy Pharoah} | 10.6.13

Have you ever been at a low point in your life, when you ask yourself, "How did I end up here?"  Joseph had such a story, but what he did in the midst of trial shows us what God can do if we follow Him through it.

The Story  {Beginnings: God Builds a Nation} | 9.29.13

How do you build a nation?  Well it begins with who...  and the people mean everything.  Join us as we look at God's peculiar choice and the hope that brings for us.

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