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'Til He Appeared... Luke 2:22-35 | 12.14.14

It is one of the three biggest events in all of history along with Creation of the Universe and the Resurrection of Jesus. Immanuel – God with us. What could the Incarnation mean for you and me?

'Til He Appeared... Luke 2:22-35 | 12.7.14

Can a well-loved Christmas song written over 150 years ago with an amazing backstory and packed with Biblical truth still speak powerfully to us today? See what this song about one special night might say to you.

God's Special Treasure | 11.30.14

The Exodus, the 10 commandments. it wasn't about rules, it was about an identity and a call. Join us as Old Testament scholar Dr. Eric Smith unravels this part of our history and what it means for today.

My Church/My Move: I’m In  | 11.23.14

What does my John Hancock have to do with Jesus?  Join us as we say yes to Jesus and find our names on the gift tag of an amazingly powerful and awesomely beautiful gift from him.

My Church/My Move: DNA for Impact | 11.16.14

Why do salt shakers have holes and flashlights don’t have cords?  Join us as we look at the most ambitious makeover in the history of the world.

My Church/My Move: Word of Mouth| 11.9.14

What can mass marketers learn from Jesus? Join us as we look at the most effective word of mouth campaign ever.

My Church/My Move: Hearts Pumping with Life | 11.2.14

Why is God interested in my wallet?  Join us as we look at changing the world, one dollar at a time.

My Church/My Move: Love, Hear, See: Sunday Style  | 10.26.14

What does it mean to be part of the gift of the week club?  Join us as we look at what really happens on Sunday mornings in the brown box on the hill.

My Church/My Move: Cell Life: One Another (Fellowship) | 10.19.14

Why can’t I just be alone? Join us as we look at why “one another” is really one for all.

My Church/My Move: Love, Hear, See: Sunday Style | 10.12.14

What does it mean to be part of the gift of the week club?  Join us as we look at what really happens on Sunday mornings in the brown box on the hill.

My Church/My Move: THE CHURCH / this church |10.5.14

What does it mean to accept the awesomely powerful and amazingly beautiful gift of The Church? Join us as we look at being part of Jesus’ family worldwide and right here in Northeast Nebraska.

Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) #YOLO #fcnorfolk | 9.28.14

Follow the example of an outcast named Zacchaeus and allow Jesus to rock your world.

Mark 10:17-31 (Matthew 16:16-30, Luke 18:18-30) #YOLO #fcnorfolk | 9.21.14

Meet a man on the Forbes top 30 under 30 of his day who missed the deal of a lifetime by the thickness of his wallet. His was too attached to his ID cards and cash to take Jesus’ offer.

Abraham: Genesis 17-26 #YOLO | 9.14.14

Even giants of the faith take a lifetime to learn how to follow God. Abraham didn’t always get it right, but eventually he is willing to offer his one life completely to God.

#YOLO - Two Sons: Matthew: 21:28-32

#YOLO #fcnorfolk You Only Live Once, so make it your one life Offered.

The Speed of Life: Psalm:1-6; 10-12 | 8.31.14

Uncover with us one big idea in setting the priority of your schedule.

Galatians: 6:1-18 | 8.24.14

The only hope we have is in the power of the cross of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in us. Knowing this transforms the way we relate as God's family.

Galatians: 5:16-26 | 8.17.14

Though the war has been won, the fight continues on the battleground of your heart and will. Choose to win.

Galatians: 5:1-15 | 8.10.14

Everyone picks a path for life. The path Jesus offers brings true life and freedom, but what does His path look like and how can you and I walk it?

Galatians: 4:8-31 | 8.3.14

Is your spiritual life leading to a dead end or a victory lap? Paul warns us of the dangers of religiosity and the joys of being a God’s child by divine intervention.

Galatians: 3:26-4:7 | 7.27.14

The Gospel is available to all equally through a faith response. Jesus goes beyond rescuing to make us full-fledged members of God's family.

Galatians: 3:15-25 | 7.20.14

Galatians 3:15-25 | 7.20.14

Galatians:  7.13.14

Galatians 3:1-14 | 7.13.14

Galatians: Confronting Church Cancer 7.6.14

Hypocrisy is a common cancer in churches. Paul warns about one deadly form of this disease.

Galatians: A “Kosher” Gospel? 6.29.14

Does the road to Jesus have to pass through Jewish rituals? Peter, Paul, James and John agreed and the answer impacts what Gospel would spread… even to Nebraska.

Galatians: Street Cred 6.22.14

Paul knew that if he was going to reach people for the gospel, it was going to take more than logic and theology.

Galations: A Different Gospel 6-15-14

First off, we’re sorry (we really mean that!).  We had some technical troubles on Sunday morning and didn’t get audio to go with the video.  If you are really good at lip reading, let us know and we’ll send you a link to the video,  otherwise, you can click below and get some sermon notes if you are interested.  Again, we are really sorry about this, and we should have all the kinks ironed out for next week.

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